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Community Advisory Committee

The NSMSRC has established the need for grassroots involvement after the completion of it's Grassroots Level Document to support the needs for recommendations that come from the people involved in sports and recreation in our communities.

We have received enormous support from our First Nation communities across Nova Scotia for this initiative and at this point we have at least nine (9) out of thirteen (13) of our communities represented at the Community Advisory table. 

The mandate of these Community Representatives (CR's) is to bring the concerns, needs and information from their respective communities to the table of the NSMSRC. 

The NSMSRC is now in the process of re-establishing these Community Sport & Recreation Committee members that will be crucial to the success of our organization in terms of providing a voice from the various community levels we will be hearing from across the Province.

Please check in later when we will have an updated list of contact names, phone, fax and email data for your contact use.



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