" Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles in Mi'kmaw communities 
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Our Mission Statement

The NSMSRC’s primary objective is to provide and promote participation by Aboriginal people in sports and recreation activities through a number of prioritized goals & initiatives.

The NSMSRC was developed to assist in the continued development of the Mi’kmaw sports organizations and events with regard to sports and recreation at the community level. This includes the promotion & training of individual athletes, coaches and officials alongside the sport and recreation programs provided by the Nova Scotia Sports & Recreation Commission within the Province of Nova Scotia.

The NSMSRC will represent it’s people by providing a provincial, national and through it’s membership affiliation with North American Indigenous Games and the Aboriginal Sport Circle, provide an international voice for sport, fitness, culture and recreation.

In the early development of our organization, we see the need to support and initiate community based championships across the province in various sports in the hope of giving our Mi’kmaw communities incentive on building sport oriented programming for the grassroots level.

The NSMSRC realizes that the involvement of the NSMSRC to facilitate and help co-ordinate these sport championships and tournament events for promotion and development will be key to mobilizing our communities.  With this involvement, the enhancement of sports is fostered and hands on experience is gained through our membership.

There is also a need for modification of existing sports within the community systems in place now to tie in more with the vision and initiatives of the NSMSRC.    This includes the development of some pilot projects in training for coaches, athletes and officials in our province.

The NSMSRC is aiming at educating the non-Aboriginal population on it’s visions, it’s values with the idea of developing more "wholistic" athletes in the sporting communities and helping other Mi'kmaw organizations in the on-going effort to build better communities through health education and active living.

One of our long term goals is to make sure that our children, youth and adults have every opportunity to be able to participate at the North American Indigenous Games (www.2002naig.com)... this will require the re-qualifying of our athletes through the "Community Sport Championships" or the "N.S. Mi’kmaw Summer Games", based on preparation of our communities to host and deliver and funding capabilities of the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Sports & Recreation Circle.

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